1. Hollywood Sewage


    One of Hollywood’s mightiest has fallen, and the “stars” are running for cover, just don’t expect them to be running to church, at least not a Biblical Church. Anyone who believes the Hollywood elites are shocked and sickened by what has come to light revealing the sexual perversion of one of their swage members just doesn't know a thing about how their culture works. Most people don’t know how entrenched Hollywood’s influence is in the media, politics, policy, economics, education, ideologies, a segment of the Christian Church, and most definitely in the promotion of globalism. Yes, they are all connected and committed to creating the fictional Bizarro World.

  2. The Historical World Battle Between Good and Evil


    America, when are you going to accept you must deal with the nature of evil in all its manifestations and not just the obvious ones? Every time a massive massacre takes place, the word “evil” repeatedly makes the headlines in all the informative outlets, and rightfully so. However, that should not be the only time attention should be given to the adverse outcome of evil actions perpetrated by one person or by many.

  3. The Roy Moore Mega Political Earthquake


    In Alabama, Judge Roy Moore defeated appointed Senator Luther Strange in a primary runoff. Moore captured the majority vote in 63 of the 67 Alabama counties. The money that poured into the Strange campaign reached the $30 million mark. President Trump and Vice President Pence appealed to Alabamian voters to no avail. In the Trump rally on September 22nd, one could hear the concern in President Trump’s voice for choosing to endorse Strange when he stated: “We have to be loyal in life,” “There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake, and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.” The loyalty part was about Strange who voted in favor of Trump’s agenda in the Senate. It was very evident that Trump and Pence made a mistake by following bad counsel. Alabamians did not reject Trump’s vision of making America a better nation, just his choice in their primary for the U.S. Senate.

  4. The Vicious Cycles of Nations


    As we continue to witness the contortion and deformation of the United States of America and other nations of the world, don’t think for a moment you see unusual events. I don’t negate that the boiling point of national desperation is increasing and can lead to a dangerous outcome. I also know we can seize the moment and steer this nation back to the only reliable source that has all the solutions to the most complex problems created by misguided ideas.

  5. Liberty vs. Security


    Throughout my studies of historical and social development, I find a conventional fiber between the people who demand security from those in civil government not knowing it leads to slavery and those who value liberty above security and find themselves the victors. The truth is that the outcome of a nation falls upon the citizen’s understanding of self-government and the source of all forms of government that leads to liberty with responsibility for everything they do.

  6. Amnesty is the Death of the Rule of Law


    Amnesty, for violators of immigration laws, can only motivate more invasions the moment it goes into effect. The disaster that was created by the noble amnesty signed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, for illegals in 1986, and failing to comply with the requirements of securing the border and applying immigration laws, is what got us in the mess we are in today. Since no one knows the facts, millions are unaccounted for, and the undocumented aliens have continued to invade the nation. The avalanche of foreigners has never ceased to arrive illegally, which includes those who used visas but had no plans of leaving.

  7. Response to Natural Disasters


    Any devastation of massive proportions brings out the best and worst in human nature. Upon seeing the destruction and human suffering, many people’s hearts are moved, and the desire to help the unfortunate takes over. Loving your neighbors is manifested in displays of compassion and heroism even to the point of putting your life on the line and in the process lending a helping hand. On the other hand, there are a few that let their evil tendencies take over to exploit the crises for personal gain; these people are devoid of compassion. The good hearts always surpass those of evil, and that is always the good news.

  8. Never Stop Questioning Everything With Boldness


    Do you remember hearing that children ask the most questions starting at the age of two years old? Don’t believe it; questions never cease throughout our entire life. What is needed is the use of analytical thinking to process information to arrive at either truth or falsehood.

  9. The War on Monuments is Intensifying


    Monuments such as statues, sculptures, paintings, obelisks, parks names, and constructions represent cultures, ideologies, religions, or just remembrance of a person of renown and their contribution that honors their memories, which may date back to thousands of years. However, even those, in time, have been destroyed for varied reasons.

  10. Reality of the Cycles of Time


    The book of Ecclesiastes, for the most part, is attributed to King Solomon (died 931 BC). The name of the book means “The words of the preacher” as stated in 1:1. The philosophical approach to age-old questions and the meaning of the nature of human existence remains with every generation. This book of Ecclesiastes is Solomon’s attempt to give his insight to God’s people rather than to those who have no knowledge of the God of the Bible or are in open rebellion to God’s moral absolutes.