1. Never Lose Track of the Meaning of Christmas


    There are several special holidays on our calendar throughout the year, the holidays that are the most meaningful that we celebrate in the United States are Christmas and Easter, because they help us commemorate the two outstanding advents that are the most important to our existence. It is the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin and death and when he actually brought this to pass with his death, burial and resurrection.

  2. Celebrate Christmas Every Day!


    We have entered into the month of December where most of the world population will celebrate the advent of Jesus’s coming into the world, in human form, to fulfill the most important mission of all time; and that is to make all people free from sin and death through his birth, public ministry, his death, burial and resurrection. He came to make men and women of all ages better citizens who in turn can transform their culture into a system to be desired by all. This is something not only to celebrate but to shout about it from the roof tops! The fulfillment of this glorious promise tops all other accomplishments in all of human history, past, present and future.

  3. God’s Word Will Always Prevail


    What would you say if you knew you had been entrusted with the greatest and only message that can save the world? How would you respond? If you are a committed believer in Christ and God’s Word, that is exactly your commission in this life. You have all the authority of God and the privilege to speak in his name.

  4. Early Pilgrims Would Not be Impressed with Our Thanksgiving Day Celebration


    Let us not forget that it is another year in which we should be very thankful that we overcame many obstacles and challenges in life to arrive at this date in the calendar once again. So many things could have gone wrong, and in the lives of many, things did go wrong.

  5. Honoring Our Veterans


    America honored yesterday those who have served the nation in our military. I personally know of many courageous acts in the battlefields by those in uniform for their fellow soldiers. It is the nature of many to be willing to serve in the belief that what they're being commanded to do is the right thing. So, in their memory, we must never forget their bravery and willingness to put their lives in harm’s way.

  6. We Are Blessed to Have a Choice


    Every day we wake up, we have choices to make in determining what kind of day we will have and how we will face the challenges life will bring us. Many of these decisions will significantly make a difference in the type of future we will have. However, to be absolutely ready, we must live everyday perfecting our life skills as we study and assimilate, God’s Word, our life’s manual. We must constantly be exposed to its teachings to our heart and renew our mind by adopting God’s thoughts in all of life for good discernment.

  7. The Truth About Halloween


    The snippets of information I am about to share with you in brief to present to you the truth about Halloween, is not only corroborated in the history of Druidism, a religious order among the ancient Celts, but also by four ex-witches and warlocks who have all come to Christ and have given corroborating testimonies of this practice and how it is everywhere in our modern culture, especially here in the United States. It is in music, television, fashion, Hollywood, cartoons and Disney, just to name a few. Satanists rejoice that Christians celebrate and allow their children to celebrate Halloween with them.

  8. The Emergence of Mob Rule in America


    Has mob rule come to America? The desperation of those who opposed a Trump presidency still can’t come to grips with the fact that he won the 2016 presidential election fair and square. So, since President Trump's election, we have been accosted almost daily by mobs of "Resisters" who still want to overturn the last election through aggressive verbal and physical assaults against Trump supporters. The assaults have been waged not only against the everyday men and women who voted for President Trump, but against Republican legislators and conservatives in public places; in restaurants; at sporting events (where a gunman nearly killed Congressman Steve Scalise). These resisters and dissenters are finding their way even into the halls of Congress and in the very chambers of government.

  9. Elections Have Consequences, Know Who You Vote For


    In every election, people vote for ideas and principles whether they understand this or not. Others do understand this and know full well what agenda they are promoting. Since the political machinery was invented, the tendency is for one political party to dominate the national and international scope of life. In the United States of America it is becoming clearer, at least to a good portion of the voting population, that there are only two main political agendas with opposing views. One is determined to transform America's foundation into some worldview that has proven to produce devastation wherever it is implemented. The other has some of the same elements within its ranks but for the most part they proclaim to uphold the original principles that make this nation unique.

  10. The Rise of Christian Persecution in China in 2018


    Chinese Christians are fighting for their faith yet again and reporting that it is even worse than during the cultural revolution under the Mao regime. Their church buildings, even private homes, where people gather to worship, are being shut down or destroyed. Their leaders are being detained and authorities are confiscating and burning Bibles. But many Christians are not being deterred. They say, “we don’t need a church to pray” so they meet out in the street for their prayers.