1. To Have the Accurate Worldview Will Save Your Life


    Even if you don’t believe it, to have the accurate worldview will save your life. I was prompted to write about this because of an article that was forwarded to me; here is the title and a short quote to make the most important point of my emphasis

  2. How Diversity is Squelching our Freedoms


    In a strong-arm move, the University of Iowa told Christian members of InterVarsity Fellowship that they could no longer require their leaders to be Christians. Under those circumstances, the on-campus club had little choice. They shut down. Now they have decided to sue the university, and rightfully so. In an email on June 1, the Iowan University chapter of InterVarsity, that had been on campus for 25 years and emphasizes the importance of only having Christian leadership for their club, was instructed that they had until June 15 to change their leadership selection requirements or be deregistered on campus. Say what? A Christian organization can’t require their leaders to be Christians?

  3. What God Has Said, Let No Man Change


    When you become abundantly permeated with what the Word of God says, and you are constantly studying it to keep it fresh, renewing your mind to see all things from God’s perspective, as he has established them in writing; his precepts are unchangeable. When you know God’s Word, you know when you are hearing something if it is God-approved or not. It matters not who is saying it or what credentials they may have. No person’s word is above God’s Word, period!

  4. Farmers in America are in Trouble


    Those who work the land and cause it to produce are known as farmers and they are vital to sustaining life for all of us. They should not be hindered in the production of food that is needed as they work the land, respecting the laws that God has established to properly care for the earth so it does not get depleted of its strength. But as we know, farming has been affected because of government policies of economics. So, President Trump has stepped forward to help get the farmers back on track.

  5. Is Democracy a Good Form of Government?


    A critical evaluation can bring us to conclude which of the mentioned government structures works best for us. In word and lip service, political thinkers worldwide exalt a democracy because they think the success of the most powerful and prosperous country in human history, namely the United States of America, reached such heights through a democracy. However, they do not strictly apply it. On the other hand, the USA does not owe its success to a democratic form of government. As a matter of fact, it was when we adopted a man-made document known as the Constitution as our form of government instead of strictly guiding ourselves by the Bible and godly principles, that we started down a slippery slope that has only increased its momentum as time progresses.

  6. Who is God in America?


    All people have a god. Even those who say they don’t believe in the Almighty God. What they mean is that they don’t believe in the God of the Bible but that they have what they consider a “higher” or “adequate” form of reasoning for what they believe. Why do I say all people have a god? Because all people are building a worldview guided by some kind of system of values through which they interpret the world and life. Ideas do not come from vacuums and they all certainly have consequences.

  7. The Equal Rights Amendment Fraud


    There is an idea that has been circulating now for over 40 years to incite distaste and repudiation against the Constitution saying that somehow the founders had something against women that translates into the Constitution that doesn’t protect equal rights for women, or so they say. But this idea is completely false.

  8. Happy 4th of July!


    Another 4th of July celebration is upon us. America’s 242nd birthday is just a couple of days away from the time of this writing. We all anticipate a time of fellowship with family and friends and all the trimmings that come with this holiday. The cook outs, picnics, parades, decorations and of course the elaborate fireworks display we all enjoy. A sense of patriotism swells up in every true American heart. Also, we cannot forget those who fought for our independence and laid down their lives.

  9. Liberals Conveniently Use the Bible


    The hypocrisy and double standards of the Left is overwhelmingly amazing. It is never more obvious as when they use the Bible in their efforts to point out an ethics issue, yet the rest of the time they violate God’s Word on every level. Hypocrisy can be found in many people and places, but it is something most of us detest, even those who use it repudiate it. Hypocrites think they can get away with dealing in falsehoods themselves but are quick to condemn others. With their attitudes they basically say, “do as we say not as we do.” Hypocrisy is something the Bible greatly condemns. Matthew 5:37 says, “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.” A hypocrite is someone who puts on a mask and pretends to be something he is not. Hypocrisy is to claim to know and follow certain beliefs but to behave in a way that contradicts those beliefs.

  10. Will America Ever Be ‘Great’ Again?


    Do these Bible verses above give you the idea that God says what he means and means what he says? Does it sound like he would ever compromise his words to please people or play favorites? Yet, America is living under the delusion that God can bless it again without drastic repentance and changes from evil ways. America seems to be under the assumption that because we were ‘under God’ once and he made us great, that on that merit alone it gives us the right to become great again without fulfilling God’s requirements for blessings.