1. Alarming Increase in Teen Suicide in One Decade


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported an alarming increase in the number of teen suicides between 2006 and 2016. Too many young people are in such deep despair that they are opting for suicide thinking it is the only way out. The latest data analysis available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported the suicide rate for white children and teens between 10 and 17 was up 70% between 2006 and 2016.

  2. Disarming Citizens Leaves a Defenseless Populace


    We are certainly hearing a lot about gun control these days due to school shootings where students and some adults have lost their lives. Young people have taken to the streets in organized protests to call for gun control. They have passionately presented their concerns even to President Trump who gave them an audience. Gun control is the go-to cry of many who call for banning guns out of their emotions rather than common sense every time something of this magnitude happens. As if it is the function of guns to fire themselves without anyone pulling the trigger.

  3. How Secular Indoctrination Also Infects Conservatives


    It is common knowledge that our colleges and universities are indoctrinating and producing students with a godless liberal mindset even though they didn’t start out that way when they arrived there. Many professors in institutions of higher learning have made it their life’s goal to influence their student’s value systems in the subjects of God and religion to the point of completely secularizing them.

  4. Is the Resurrection of Christ Fact or Fraud?


    Easter Sunday is the day almost all of the world celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, but, was the resurrection of Jesus fact or a fraud? How do we know? Is there good evidence to believe in the Resurrection? This is very important because if the average believer in Christ cannot explain why they believe in him and in his resurrection, and most cannot come up with good reasons, then how can they place faith in it or give an answer to those who ask about the reason for their faith?

  5. Why the Ten Commandments Will Never be Eradicated


    Ever since rebellion against God entered the human race, humans have always tried to come up with laws, plans and alternatives that will work for them as good as God’s established order for all things but they have never succeeded and will never truly succeed.

  6. Slaying America’s Goliath


    A defiant Goliath is challenging our country and all of our institutions and threatens the survival of America. This Goliath is causing her a spiritual and moral crisis and is producing much confusion, turmoil, corruption, instability and decadence. Our country is presenting the symptoms that all great civilizations have before a disastrous fall. Is our generation witnessing the end of America?

  7. Men and Women Created Equal


    The Bible records the origin of all creation in its first book: Genesis. The above passage clearly states the origin of man and woman. I have highlighted in bold the word “them” to point out that in God’s plan man and woman are placed in the same level of importance, worth and purpose. In God’s eyes they are both the same.

  8. Homelessness in America


    The official definition of homelessness is when an individual lacks permanent housing and has to stay in shelters, abandoned buildings or vehicles, on the streets, or in other unstable situations. They may also be considered homeless if they have to “double up” with friends or extended family members because they are unable to provide their own housing.

  9. Paying the Price for Chasing God Out of Schools


    Why do the nations rage[a] and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.” Psalms 2:1-3

  10. Gun Control: the Leftist Mantra


    In the face of the challenges of life where do we go to know what is the right thing to do? Keep reading to the end to find the balance and wisdom in what Jesus said to his disciples in the verse above.