1. The War on Monuments is Intensifying


    Monuments such as statues, sculptures, paintings, obelisks, parks names, and constructions represent cultures, ideologies, religions, or just remembrance of a person of renown and their contribution that honors their memories, which may date back to thousands of years. However, even those, in time, have been destroyed for varied reasons.

  2. Reality of the Cycles of Time


    The book of Ecclesiastes, for the most part, is attributed to King Solomon (died 931 BC). The name of the book means “The words of the preacher” as stated in 1:1. The philosophical approach to age-old questions and the meaning of the nature of human existence remains with every generation. This book of Ecclesiastes is Solomon’s attempt to give his insight to God’s people rather than to those who have no knowledge of the God of the Bible or are in open rebellion to God’s moral absolutes.

  3. Discerning the Darkness


    Editor’s Note: We are living precarious times where so much has flipped upside down that it has become difficult to tackle each issue as it comes. It’s not because it is impossible, but it is coming from every direction and people, specifically, Christian America is so weakened that many are unprepared and fall into the trap. However, there is hope. We have the instruction manual to pull us out of the rubble of humanistic ideology. It is important to understand first what it is we are up against to do battle spiritually, individually and collectively. The darkness may be unhinged and believe it has free reign to control and overpower God’s people. However, light breaks through darkness anytime, anywhere it shines; and it is time his people learned to discern this darkness and how to stand against it with wisdom. The following editorial was written April 2016 but is an important reminder to all of God’s people that we need not fear what lies ahead. Please read and be encouraged that with God we are the majority, and have all necessary tools to become the head and not the tail.

  4. The Vast Difference Between Hatred and Moral Conviction


    Things are getting worse for Christians in the United States of America. How would you answer the following questions: How far down the road toward communism is this nation? How well do you know the Communist ideology? I know that most people might laugh and may even judge these questions as preposterous, or may think it is incredulous that I’m asking them. Some may say, “Communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.” I’m sure we could add other answers to these probabilities. Bear with me; I must ask you one more question: Are you familiar with the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto of 1848 by Karl Heinrich Marx? You can easily find them on the Internet, read them and compare their content with the social landscape of America.

  5. Turning Back the Clock


    Two thousand years ago, Jesus told the Jews, historically, there are only two foundations for people and nations to build their lives and culture upon: rock (wisdom) and sand (foolishness). He is making reference to the only two world systems that have ever existed; understanding these foundations explains the reason why individuals and societies thrive and also why great civilizations with all their splendor, might, and dominion have collapsed.

  6. The Root Cause of Suicides in America


    The increase of suicides in America is rapidly rising. They include people of all ages who apparently don’t know how to cope with life. Those who commit suicide think it is the only alternative to end their problems. Most families, civil government, and social institutions, for the most part, have a sense of impotence.

  7. What Are Our Values?


    The speech delivered by President Donald Trump, July 6 in Warsaw, Poland, focused on Western Civilization values. The left-wing media and the Hollywood crowd went berserk and the bombardment of criticism, as expected, went on non-stop condemning Trump for not upholding American values in Poland. At the same time, the haters of biblical values and anything that is true conservatism called the speech racist for upholding Western values.

  8. It Is Not Just Another 4th of July


    George Washington wrote to John Hancock (Circular), June 11, 1783, thinking that after serving as the Commander of the Continental Army he was ready to retire to the place he missed the most, his estate in Mount Vernon, VA. However, the instability of events after the War of Independence needed urgent attention.

  9. Savages Demanding Blood


    Beware! We are approaching a dangerous social climate of bloodthirsty savages like a pack of ravaging wild beasts, and they must not be brushed off. The demand for the execution of President Trump and GOP elected officials is not a laughing matter. Reprehensible voices are being raised like a choir throughout the media fueling the discord and driving an even wider wedge between left and right.

  10. The Intensification of Irrationality


    The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, who opened fire on Republicans and other people at a baseball practice the day before the Congressional baseball game, was no psychopath, he doesn’t fit the clinical profile as some pretend to portray him. According to The Week, restaurant owner Charles Orear was acquainted with Hodgkinson through some work they did together in Iowa on Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Orear described Hodgkinson as "more on the really progressive side of things," as well as being "a quiet guy" and "very mellow, very reserved."