1. Elections Have Consequences, Know Who You Vote For


    In every election, people vote for ideas and principles whether they understand this or not. Others do understand this and know full well what agenda they are promoting. Since the political machinery was invented, the tendency is for one political party to dominate the national and international scope of life. In the United States of America it is becoming clearer, at least to a good portion of the voting population, that there are only two main political agendas with opposing views. One is determined to transform America's foundation into some worldview that has proven to produce devastation wherever it is implemented. The other has some of the same elements within its ranks but for the most part they proclaim to uphold the original principles that make this nation unique.

  2. The Rise of Christian Persecution in China in 2018


    Chinese Christians are fighting for their faith yet again and reporting that it is even worse than during the cultural revolution under the Mao regime. Their church buildings, even private homes, where people gather to worship, are being shut down or destroyed. Their leaders are being detained and authorities are confiscating and burning Bibles. But many Christians are not being deterred. They say, “we don’t need a church to pray” so they meet out in the street for their prayers.

  3. The Nullification of the Gospel


    The message of the Bible which brings us the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most powerful, complete and enduring message ever told, ever preached and ever experienced in all of human history. Its power is unequaled by any philosophy, religion or religious enlightened leader or powerful king or ruler that has ever lived. It has the power to transform from the inside out and it gives us a whole new nature, where we no longer have to be controlled by sinfulness. It is the only knowledge that gives us true lasting purpose and meaning to life here on earth and in the hereafter. There is absolutely no doubt, the "good news" that Jesus Christ brought has tremendous effectiveness in the lives of its hearers – if they believe it.

  4. Is the Roman Catholic Church “Too Big” to Fall?


    For far too long we have heard about the violations perpetrated on Roman Catholic parishioners by the very men who are supposed to be their spiritual overseers. But, as time progresses, the problem only increases and nothing significant is being done about it to vindicate the victims and to clean up the church. If the higher ups do not hold proven guilty parties accountable, who will? Why are Popes Francis and Benedict not answering these accusations in a just and godly manner? What did they know and when did they know it? Who holds the higher echelon responsible when nothing is done? What court is responsible to bring justice in these matters? Is the Roman Catholic Church too big to fall?

  5. Trusting God even When it Doesn’t Make Sense


    One of the first questions when natural disasters strike is “where is God when disaster strikes?” or “why does God allow these bad things to happen if he is powerful enough to prevent them?” These disasters include earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes or deadly droughts or flooding that cause so much human suffering and loss of life. If he loves us and he is Lord of all creation, why doesn’t he prevent this suffering? Does he care about the trail of grief and chaos? Do you have accurate and satisfactory answers to these challenging questions?

  6. Live with Confidence


    There is no doubt that you and I live in challenging and important spiritual, political and cultural times. Even though human history repeats itself it is undeniable that we live at a fast pace due to technology and how fast communication has accelerated. We receive information in seconds, and this can cause huge social shifts more rapidly than ever and the world can change in a relatively short time. This is all the more reason why it is vital for every Christian to know what they believe and why they believe it.

  7. What is Human Life and Death?


    Science tells us that every living thing is made up of cells, which is a very small protein-based particle. It has a wall that separates it from its surroundings creating order. It regulates itself and maintains a constant state; it eats nutrients to stay alive, it grows and reacts to the environment and the laws that govern it. It also replicates itself. Every second in a single cell several million chemical reactions take place, which start other reactions forming a complex mechanism. A true marvel. But eventually, every living thing will die. So, what is life? Is it just things, processes, DNA and information? Is life and death an irrelevant question? In reality, don’t look to science to answer these basic questions, they don’t have the answers. Only God tells us about the origin of life, its proper development and purpose on earth and illuminates us on the afterlife and what we can expect when we leave this earth.

  8. Why Do Unborn Children Threaten So Many People?


    Why is it that in 45 years, since the ruling of Roe v. Wade, we have been unable or unwilling to reverse the horrendous ruling that is killing the unborn by the millions? Isn’t it a given that we are to protect all life from conception to the grave? Without that protection, you and I would not be here. Yet, as time progresses, the war against the unborn grows more aggressive and calloused and people just refuse to face the moral and scientific facts that we are killing human beings by the millions since abortion was “legalized” in January of 1973 in the United States. Why are unborn babies so threatening to many people? Why such virulent hatred toward them?

  9. To Have the Accurate Worldview Will Save Your Life


    Even if you don’t believe it, to have the accurate worldview will save your life. I was prompted to write about this because of an article that was forwarded to me; here is the title and a short quote to make the most important point of my emphasis

  10. How Diversity is Squelching our Freedoms


    In a strong-arm move, the University of Iowa told Christian members of InterVarsity Fellowship that they could no longer require their leaders to be Christians. Under those circumstances, the on-campus club had little choice. They shut down. Now they have decided to sue the university, and rightfully so. In an email on June 1, the Iowan University chapter of InterVarsity, that had been on campus for 25 years and emphasizes the importance of only having Christian leadership for their club, was instructed that they had until June 15 to change their leadership selection requirements or be deregistered on campus. Say what? A Christian organization can’t require their leaders to be Christians?