1. Perverted Sex Indoctrination


    The school system of Fairfax County in Virginia has announced that they will be teaching students that they can determine their own gender. The current transgender ideology is going way off in telling students they can be both genders, no gender, or that they can be a gender that they make up for themselves because no one is ever 100 per cent anything. It doesn't matter that there is no scientific fact to back up this change. And the worst part is that we are supposed to agree with them.

  2. America's Spiritual Disorders


    At the time of this broadcast, we are greatly saddened with heavy consternation to learn of the nine senseless deaths in a historic black church in Charleston, SC caused by a young shooter filled with hatred. The pastor of the church was among the victims. This incident is becoming all too common in America. Most people think it is about race or the growing sentiment of white supremacy, but it is far from that. Deep below the surface is the growing spiritual bankruptcy that America is facing from having chased God out of our lives choosing only to go through the motions of religion.

  3. Memorial Day Remembering Those Who Died for Liberty


    Americans forget the ultimate price that was paid by those in the armed forces, that is, unless they had loved ones who were among those who sacrificed their lives. Wars are very expensive. Let us not remember Memorial Day only once a year but every day until wars are ended. It really is not that hard to figure out.

  4. The Cultural Danger of Redefining Love, Part 2


    Out of 1,170 societies recorded in Murdock's Ethnographic Atlas marriage between one man and one woman is common in all. Marriage between people of the same sex, however, was never widely accepted in any culture prior to 2000. Why is America blatantly defying God and His creation and still expecting to win?