1. The Cultural Danger of Redefining Love, Part 1


    Do you have any idea what America is going to look like if the U.S. Supreme Court decides to unconstitutionally declare same sex marriage legal? Do you have any idea what is going to happen to the “Church” and all of the biblical ministries? Don’t say that nothing is going to happen—read history and believe it!

  2. People Make Gods of Their Rulers


    Whether people understand it or not they make gods of other people, and they pay dearly to keep them in a position of power. The area where this is the most obvious, and on a larger scale, is in civil government. How does God see this and what does He do about it?

  3. Called to Perfection Part 2


    When the Christian does not transform his or her life on a daily basis it can only go backwards and the results can never be good. There are many reasons as to the "why" a Christian does not go through the new life transformational process and never reaps the benefits of the new creation in Christ. When it comes down to the main reason I find it has to do with the individual reaction to the Word of God as the parable of the Sower, in three of the four Gospels, clearly explains.

  4. Called to Perfection Part 1


    The reason people never find fulfillment in their lives, including Christians, has to do with not fully being inwardly complete. For the one who has not reconciled with God through Jesus Christ in the born-again experience, the enormous inward emptiness grows with time reaching a level of deep hopelessness. Nothing can fully satisfy, and life becomes more and more shallow.

  5. Self-Discipline the Foundation for Perfection


    We can expect to achieve great things as we self-discipline our new life in Christ. Can you imagine what world we could have if every born again believer in Christ understands this unchanged truth? You cannot wait for others to train you in developing God’s Character it is a task you must do. It has to be your choice to reach this goal in this life to your higher calling in Christ. Obedience is the fuel of self-discipline.