1. To Invalidate the Word of God is to Destroy Culture


    The reason the United States of America became such a different nation in the history of the world was the arrival of the children of the Reformation that came to this land with a vision of carrying on with what they were not allowed to do in Europe. That is, until the mid-19th century.

  2. The Biblical Jesus


    The famous saying: “All roads lead to Rome” is used many times to indicate the different ways that can be implemented to arrive at the same result. In particular, it is often used to say all religions lead to God. We are surrounded by so many religions in the world. How do we know which one is true? The claims and evidence for the biblical Christianity prove that Jesus is different and makes the difference in all areas of people's lives.

  3. You Must Make a Lasting Difference in this Life


    It is not enough to dream you wish you could change things all around you and change the world. As believers in Christ, we have been given the most powerful resource any human can ever dream of having. Human Exceptionalism can only be understood and found by comprehending that we are created beings in the image and likeness of God and we not masters of all we are and what we do. We have a divine mission to make a difference in this world.

  4. Shariah Law & the Am​erican Constitution


    Do the Islamic authorities mean what they say? Gaining strength daily, the prospect of theocratic rule poses a growing threat to the free exercise of Christian conscience and constitutional governance. This regime, unlike our secular foe, claims the existence of a dogmatic deity where law, Islam, and the state are one. Q&A is also included in this presentation.