Editorials - Nena Arias

  1. Jesus: Messiah or Charlatan?


    Either Jesus was the greatest lunatic and charlatan that has ever lived, or he was who he said because the mountain of evidence is astonishing. Never has there been so much prophesied about an individual with such minute detail as with Jesus about his coming to earth and his redemptive mission. Not only is there an immense amount of prophesy given in the Old Testament of the Bible, but all of it came to pass and is corroborated in the New Testament.

  2. The American Dream Falsified


    Everything in this world has a beginning. The motivation of the early Mayflower settlers of 1620 said it all; how they formally expressed their desire of this new adventure that began with a journey from Europe to the shores of this part of the North American continent. This enterprise, in time, turned out to be the beginning of this country the United States of America. There is no doubt, this vision was birthed and directed by God. There can be no other explanation when we study the life and the writings of those who originated it in the early 1600s.

  3. Magnify God with Thanksgiving


    As we approach the Thanksgiving season it is time to take inventory of how much we have been blessed in spite of whatever challenges our life has presented, all things seem to work out for good eventually. Especially for those who have deposited their trust in the Lord.

  4. A Nation is Only as Strong as its People


    Obvious key factors have always stood out in the foundation that gave America its greatness. These were not hidden secrets to the famous people who played out important parts in our history and who wrote about them. These key factors should not be hidden secrets to us by any means. These valuable ingredients are necessary in a Republic for sustainability. They are biblical faith, character, virtue, and moral education. These are the same guidelines God gave to old Israel to follow.

  5. The True Freedom Fighters of the World


    Today, America celebrates a much-deserved holiday: Veteran’s Day! A day where all grateful citizens join in expressing our appreciation for all those who have served in our military branches. Those who have courageously fought on the battlefields when and where they have been commanded to do so. In gratitude of those who have served; we express our appreciation for your brave and willing service and say a big thank you! We truly hope that this day and every day you and your families experience our deepest gratitude for something that we could perhaps never repay all the sacrifice. Again, thank you!

  6. Remember What is Right


    It is the individual responsibility of all to build their worldview with values and truth which they have corroborated by true diligence. No one is exempt even if their worldview is a hodge podge of ideas, which is very dangerous, yet, we are all building one. This worldview is the foundation of life and the heritage you will pass on to your loved ones, friends and those in your circle of influence. Symbolically, it is the rudder in your ship of life.

  7. Socialism: Tried and Failed


    “Insanity can be considered as poor health of the mind, not necessarily of the brain as an organ (although that can affect mental health), but rather refers to defective function of mental processes such as reasoning.” (Wikipedia.org) Insanity has come to America in wide proportions.

  8. Reaping What We Have Sown


    Our out-of-control culture is showing serious signs of decay so much more than most people can imagine and it is all due to the fact that we have neglected the good seeds and have allowed poisonous weeds to grow in their place.

  9. Prayer is Equal Access to God


    What is this phenomenon of prayer? The concept of prayer has always fascinated me. Just to think that all ordinary human beings, righteous and unrighteous, have access to Almighty God any time, day or night, is mind-boggling to me. The thought that God would value us enough to let us address him and come into his presence to talk with us, has got to be the greatest privilege of all. Think about it, he is the ultimate power in all of the universe, and he can make anything happen, providing it is according to his will. Even the negative things he will work for good.

  10. “I am doing God’s work” says so-called “Christian” abortionist


    The indications of how out-of-whack our generation is just keeps getting more and more bizarre. The culture of death through abortion on demand is horrific and bloodcurdling enough without so-called “Christians” putting God in the mix as a willing participant and betraying all that he has said about the preciousness of life as stated in the Sixth Commandment and how it should be respected. It clearly states, “You shall not murder.”