Editorials - Ramon Arias

  1. Elections Have Consequences, Know Who You Vote For


    In every election, people vote for ideas and principles whether they understand this or not. Others do understand this and know full well what agenda they are promoting. Since the political machinery was invented, the tendency is for one political party to dominate the national and international scope of life. In the United States of America it is becoming clearer, at least to a good portion of the voting population, that there are only two main political agendas with opposing views. One is determined to transform America's foundation into some worldview that has proven to produce devastation wherever it is implemented. The other has some of the same elements within its ranks but for the most part they proclaim to uphold the original principles that make this nation unique.

  2. Yes, Evil Is on the Rise


    Another mass killing has occurred, this time it was not with guns but with a rented truck and carried out by an Islamist soldier in the likes of attacks carried out in Europe. Families are mourning the death of their loved ones, and others are hoping for the recovery of the injured. Is this beginning to make you sick to your stomach?

  3. An Event of Five Hundred Years Ago Matters Going Forward


    Humanity faces a multitude of problems. Some “experts” say that many of these problems are without an immediate solution. The truth is, every man-made problem has a solution and can be resolved, many times, much quicker than people think. The caveat is that the original problem often requires a great dose of humility and that is hard to find. The good news, contrary to popular opinion, is that humanity is heading toward a better world that will be different than the one experienced by past generations. The hope is that the right generation will come along and will get it right. That generation will finally discover the way the development of society was initially created to be.

  4. Of Course Politics Is Vicious and Foul!


    Does the worsening of the political backbiting climate in the nation shock you? Well, it shouldn’t. Do you believe that America has never been so divided? Anyone who is dismayed by all the division that is drowning society just doesn’t know human nature or this nation’s history. Most likely the majority agree that such divisiveness can only lead to bigger and regrettable outcomes.

  5. Hollywood Sewage


    One of Hollywood’s mightiest has fallen, and the “stars” are running for cover, just don’t expect them to be running to church, at least not a Biblical Church. Anyone who believes the Hollywood elites are shocked and sickened by what has come to light revealing the sexual perversion of one of their swage members just doesn't know a thing about how their culture works. Most people don’t know how entrenched Hollywood’s influence is in the media, politics, policy, economics, education, ideologies, a segment of the Christian Church, and most definitely in the promotion of globalism. Yes, they are all connected and committed to creating the fictional Bizarro World.

  6. The Historical World Battle Between Good and Evil


    America, when are you going to accept you must deal with the nature of evil in all its manifestations and not just the obvious ones? Every time a massive massacre takes place, the word “evil” repeatedly makes the headlines in all the informative outlets, and rightfully so. However, that should not be the only time attention should be given to the adverse outcome of evil actions perpetrated by one person or by many.

  7. The Roy Moore Mega Political Earthquake


    In Alabama, Judge Roy Moore defeated appointed Senator Luther Strange in a primary runoff. Moore captured the majority vote in 63 of the 67 Alabama counties. The money that poured into the Strange campaign reached the $30 million mark. President Trump and Vice President Pence appealed to Alabamian voters to no avail. In the Trump rally on September 22nd, one could hear the concern in President Trump’s voice for choosing to endorse Strange when he stated: “We have to be loyal in life,” “There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake, and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.” The loyalty part was about Strange who voted in favor of Trump’s agenda in the Senate. It was very evident that Trump and Pence made a mistake by following bad counsel. Alabamians did not reject Trump’s vision of making America a better nation, just his choice in their primary for the U.S. Senate.