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Anti-Porn Campaign Finds More Allies

Charlie Butts | November 29, 2016

( - A successful campaign to convince businesses to block pornography from their Wi-Fi service has added another victory. 

Subway is following Starbucks and McDonald's by making its restaurant a porn-free facility, says Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough is Enough.

Enough is Enough launched a national campaign approximately two years ago urging Starbucks and McDonalds to block porn. 

The burger franchise is now blocking porn in 14,000 restaurants and Starbucks is planning to do the same.

"And we're also rolling this campaign out to other venues, if you will, like public libraries who are now many of them offering free Wi-Fi," Hughes tells OneNewsNow.

Enough is Enough is also hoping to persuade other public areas, such as airports and shopping malls, to take action.

The message to corporations, says Hughes, is a "win-win" of making your business safe for families and protecting your "brand" by taking action.

She says one reason for the successful campaign is that once corporations understand their family friendly image will be tarnished with pornography, they think twice about permitting it.